Alright, if you’re living under a rock, here is the big news. Nebraska is joining the Big Ten Conference and Missouri is likely to follow. While my feelings are mixed, it is what it is. The Big Ten and college athletics are all about the money, so the ability to generate even more revenue makes this decision more of the same. We can’t fight it, so we just have to live with it. College sports are about to change forever with the Pac-10 taking some teams and ultimately the Big 12 conference will cease to exist.

I may throw in some opinionated tidbits for comparison. Don’t treat this as a journalistic article, its more of a response/joke.

So, lets meet Nebraska….


Nebraska Cornhuskers (fitting for the Big Ten)

Early nicknames  included the “Hawkeyes” (now used by Iowa), the “Antelopes” , the “Old Gold Knights”, the “Bugeaters” and the “Mankilling Mastodons”. (Yes, that is not a joke, the “Bugeaters” and “Mankilling Mastodons” ) (Wikipedia told me its not a joke)

Notable Alumni: Johnny Carson, Warren Buffet, Ndamukong Suh (does that count?)

Mascot(s): Herbie Husker and Lil’Red.

You can go to 1:40 of the video below and thats really all you need to see.


Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the football stadium is  “Memorial Stadium” (original….)

They have sold out every football home game over the last 48 years straight.

When Nebraska plays a home football game, the stadium becomes the third largest city in the state.

The Missouri Tigers are their rivals, with the football meeting played for the “Victory Bell”. Nebraska leads the series 64-36-3.

Nebraska has the highest number of Academic All-Americans beating Notre Dame by a wide margin. (Alright, thats something)


Strongest Sports: Volleyball (Penn State is better), Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Men’s Track and Field, Football (Haven’t won Big 12 in eleven years)

Sports They Suck At: Basketball. (Nebraska has a distinction of one of the few major conference programs never to win a single game in the NCAA Tournament)

Sports They Don’t Have: Men’s Soccer (no fun), Men’s Swimming and Diving, Field Hockey

Other Varsity D-1 Sports: Bowling, Women’s Rifle


This is kinda the problem with Nebraska, its in the middle of nowhere and its kinda far away. Its on the other side of Iowa, which is already way too far out there.

All kidding aside, welcome to the Big Ten.

Except for you….you creep me out….


We are almost there…..

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A Birthday

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I was born June 3rd, 1989, sometime around 2pm. Today makes me 21 years old. A milestone most college students prepare for as it marks the ability to have the freedom to purchase alcohol, to gamble, and on similar note be able to enter bars.

Many may not know, but I don’t drink, never have, nor do I plan on it. Just a personal thing. So here is just a “diary” post of sorts for my 21st Birthday. Its very long, and probably not too exciting, but I spent the time to write it, don’t feel like leaving it as a draft and letting it waste away into nothing. So enjoy!

Leading up to it all, I took all the jokes about how much I’m going to get wasted, people joking about finding me and buying me that first drink. Family even joined in by trying to organize and get me to go to some bar somewhere to party it up. I can take all of it, it brings back memories of the Harding bros, they would let me have it. Feels good looking back at it.

I really just wanted to get out and go to Bloomington. Which is exactly what I did. My plans were fairly simple, hang out, enjoy the town, see if anyone else was around and just have a good relaxing time.

Yesterday me and some of the guys went out to Memorial Stadium (IU’s Football Stadium) and threw the ball around. Not sure why the field was blocked off, but we made due. I really love that place. On a side note, very excited for football season.

So midnight comes around, we are watching “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and “South Park”. I’m preparing for my phone to start going off due to my Facebook Wall Post alerts being turned on (Don’t recommend this in most occasions, especially if you have more friends than me, gets annoying after awhile)

The first “Happy Birthday” is received at 12:02AM. It’s a phone call from a good friend of mine. It made my night. To put it into perspective, I received 4 phone calls on my birthday, the others all happening much later the next afternoon: That one, my Mom, my Grandma, and my other Grandparents/Aunt. I was very appreciative.

Then they start rolling in on Facebook, which is really the most convenient place to say Happy Birthday, it tells you when it’s the person’s birthday, and it’s simple to post on their wall. I can’t get mad at people for only posting on Facebook, I do it too. It is just how things are. Its kinda cool when you get calls and text though.

I decide to copy a gesture done by a friend who had a birthday a few days ago and respond to every happy birthday comment. It felt good and kept me busy during the day. Some of these people are friends who’ve fallen by the wayside, so it felt good to interact with some of them for the first time in a long time.

I spent my day running a few errands around Bloomington, mainly relating to my apartment for next year. I drove all around Bloomington, probably more so than I ever have, so I am now more comfortable in that sense. Kirkwood sucks when it comes to parking, when you get that spot its like you just won the lottery!

I then decided to waste some time walking around Kirkwood and College Mall, not really doing anything in particular. I thought I had plans but they didn’t work out, miscommunication being the culprit. Regardless, it still felt good to take a walk around campus.

I then decided to head home, didn’t really have anything else to do in Bloomington. I get home, Taco Salad (my favorite) is waiting for me. My mom makes us do the traditional singing happy birthday stuff, with a “?” rather than candles, not sure what that was all about….

I get some money, which you can never go wrong with. I grab me some brownies and go upstairs. Birthday celebration over by that point. I pop in my newest Netflix DVD, “Toy Story 2”, which I will say definitely holds up, having not watched either movie in years, both hold up well. I am very excited for the 3rd one.

Then I plan it out to get to watch Lakers-Celtics right as the movie ends, and that’s where I’m at now. I enjoyed my birthday, had some fun in Bloomington. It may not be the most spectacular thing ever, but if I can smile at the end of the day, something went right.

Thanks to all who gave happy birthday wishes and to all who would have had they known. You are all great to me. I wish you all the best.

Take care!

Crazy Day, High School/Drama

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So this is just another life post, more-so for my personal sanity, you can move on and enjoy w/e else is going on. Nothing to see here. Just me being an idiot for a few minutes. Then I get to go back to my life and see what the next day brings.

I probably shouldn’t write when I get worked up but it helps me release. My days continue to hinge on certain variables which is going to become a problem, even more-so than it already has been, but everything has been generally good. Had a good last few days.

Today my sister had her graduation. Which means worlds collide. My old high school world comes to the forefront, I see people I haven’t talked to since I walked and got my diploma two years ago. I see teachers I promised to stay in touch with, but never followed through. While most of these conversations are refreshing, it makes me think about how many close friends I once had that are not really in my life anymore.

Its kinda sad. I know it happens, but it really gets to me. These people were great during those 4 years, why did the world just turn over and everyone move to opposite corners. Its weird. Some of the conversations are awkward, its amazing how much we had to talk about just two years ago when we were graduating. Then we meet up today and there is no commonality. I thought high school was great, its just you kinda miss it when its not there. A thought that continuously goes through my head for more reasons than one.

I’ve talked family problems before and still can’t get a lot of it out of my head because its an ongoing disaster, but today that all got brought up again when both sides of the family came to see my sister graduate. I took one for the team and went through the hell that permeates through one side of the family. Why must I continue to go through this and act my way from point A to point B? Things are not good, why pretend? Now they expect me to be more receptive to them because I open my fat mouth and give them hope that I am ignorant to whats going on behind the scenes. I’m not, nice try.

Then I try to make a joke to a friend and my response is she just got into a car wreck. That will kinda bother you. Seems everything is ok, which makes me breathe easier. Just one of those “damn” moments. She probably won’t read this but w/e. We had somewhat attempted to meet up at the Indy 500 this weekend, but it didn’t work out, a trend I wish wouldn’t keep happening. Kinda sucks, but thats life. Shit happens. I’ll survive. Just glad she is ok.

Family stuff dies down for the day, I survive a dreadful graduation ceremony, go out to eat with other family, and now I’m here. Thats the moral of the story. I’m here. The day is over. The game is over. I will wake up tomorrow and live my life.

While not all of these are official commercials, they all highlight specific teams, and have their own unique feel. There will probably be more popping up in the next few weeks that will be better, but I wanted to add in my thoughts on each one, please feel free to discuss your opinions on which are good and which are absolutely bad. Enjoy!


Weak. A weird jingle that sounds like it came from a World War 2 advertisement. “Over there” is South Africa last I checked. It just doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t make us look scary at all and its hard to get a crowd of fans to sing it without sounding like tools. Sorry, just not my cup of tea.


Much better. It is all about the country. It is about joining the immortals. History is the name of the game. Sadly this is what England has that the USA doesn’t so maybe I should be cutting them a little slack. Just a great commercial. The lion is kinda weird at the end, but I could get behind England from this commercial if I was a neutral party.


When you are the top soccer team in the world, you can get away with doing stupid things. While this isn’t the serious type commercial, nor does it make me scared of the Brazilians, it adds some life to the team. These international players are more popular than most American athletes so marketing themselves is something they have done pretty well. I don’t look down on Robinho for doing a Beyonce dance. It gives him some depth.


Picture this same commercial with American players. While it would still be kinda badass, I don’t think it would have the same effect. The Dutch squad is really good and the whole “writing on the walls” is perfect for a team like them. This might be my favorite of the group.


This popped up when I searched for team advertisements, there isn’t much to it, but I think for a country that is growing quickly on the international sports scene, this is pretty good. Seeing the little kid celebrating and one of the country’s heroes also being involved in Park Ji-Sung is definitely an image their fans can rally behind.

New Zealand

While the whole “All-Whites” name has some weird connotations, I like the “White Noise” song. I don’t think its enough to be considered a national commercial, just something hyping the squad for local television. Pretty good though.

-So what do you all think? Do you like the American ad? How would people react if the Americans used the Brazilian method?

This is just a fill-in post to make it look like I am keeping up with this whole thing. Its the weekend, so I actually have things going on, making it less likely I go to this in a last-ditch effort. But I’ll ramble about a few things.

Rajon Rondo! Few basketball players make my jaw drop. Lebron James, Dwyane Wade to name a few. Rajon Rondo is now on that level. Hes fancy, yet he hustles. His Boston team can beat the Lakers. Rondo is becoming one of the best Point Guards in the league. Derron Williams and Chris Paul may hold some ground in the discussion, but I don’t see them playing right now….

Soccer! I watched the Champions League Final today between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan and absolutely loved every second of it. Fox did a great job with the atmosphere, and the product on the field was top-notch. The World Cup is only a few weeks away. I’m not sure how I’m gonna be able to watch all of it.

Alright I’m gonna go to sleep now, my Sunday looks to include an Indianapolis Indians game with family. Works for me. Good night to all.